Posted: August 29, 2012 in Random me stuff

No, none of my family members have died, its not one of my dogs and ive already cried over the death of my employment. So what is the cause of this melancholy mood you may ask. DRUMROLL PLEASE…it is grief inspired by the fact that mr screen on mr blackberry has decided to quit on life/kick the bucket/drop out.

I have prided myself on being a smartphone user that is not addicted at all. “surely I could do without my phone, surely.” Well the permanently lily white portrait that now decorates the space that used to serve as my phone screen has proven that quote to be a big fat lie.Each passing moment the anxiety levels and sadness grow as that haunting red light flashes and that ping still comes and that reflexive reach for the phone evokes near tears as again I am greeted by this perfectly white square.

Alas I prefer this sadness than the anger that is threatening overtake me as I contemplate IS NOT EVEN A FLIPPING YEAR (regains composure) that I have had this phone. Anyway the repair process has kicked off and I am becoming more skilled at blindly making phone calls so I think I will get through… Oh dear there goes that red light again…SIGH


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