Posted: October 4, 2012 in Politics/Current affairs

I’ve sat for about a week and a half now trying to muster up the drive to write a blog on how I feel about the current state of Jamaica. I also busted my brain for some profound soul stirring title but to be honest all that resounded in my mind that the situation is just sad.

How did we get here? No really, how did we get here? Can two consecutive months really be so ridiculously different?  Paradox is a much used word but really can we step back and look at how catastrophic the fall from August to September (and the first week of October).  I was listening to Ms Barbara Gloudon one day on the radio and she summed this up quite eloquently “the joy of august has been replaced by the horror of September”. Black Green and Gold and their friends Gold Silver and Bronze have given way to an increase in the red of bloodshed and a deep societal darkness.

Thus coming back to the title, I AM SAD.  My heart literally weeps and the events of the past couple weeks have made me physically sick at times as well as emotionally distraught.  The cause of my sadness is not as black and white as it is for so many of my contemporaries.

First and foremost, what in the world would convince a man to rape a woman let alone two women and top it off with three little girls. I cannot fathom the sheer evil and/or mental illness that could really make a human being do that and live with themselves. My mind still has not fully grasped what really went on in Irwin St. James. Add to that the open secret of the degree to which incest and/or carnal abuse has become prevalent in our society and it just boggles the mind. WE ARE IN A DARK PLACE.

We move from the depravity being wreaked on our women and children to our society becoming one big mafia movie. I know this will not be very popular but I must remain true to myself. Jungle justice pisses me off. I can put it no lighter than that. I AM AS UPSET ABOUT THESE EVIL ACTS more than several of these would be Tony Sopranos, but gathering up an army of citizens machetes knives and stones in hand and killing anyone who we THINK might be involved CANNOT be the answer. No civilized society can operate this way. I hear the argument about the state not doing enough and that is very true but even if that is a REASON it is not a JUSTIFICATION and those two concepts are far from each other. No matter how aggrieved we are and rightly so if we allow ourselves to be drawn down to level of evil of the perpetrators HOW ARE WE BETTER THAN THEM. Murder is evil, rape is evil, paedophilia is evil. If we allow ourselves to be dragged down to that level of evil all we will end up with is a never ending cycle of evil. So the fact that in at least two recent cases jungle justice was brutally meted out and the fact that most people I have come across are in full support of these instances and are still calling out for more blood again just solidifies for me that WE ARE IN A DARK PLACE and I am really, really sad. Let me not even get into one teacher being mobbed and killed over a car accident and another being beaten in full view of her class of primary school students. It all is just so sad.

How do we move forward though? This must be the hardest question ever and to be honest I am not sure where to go. It must be a change in mindset which is probably the hardest thing to do in life. As a society we need to come to grips with the fact that in large measure we are violent, whether we actualize it or not we are very accepting as a people of violence. We must change that. Every person must develop a moral conscience and check themselves. Evil is evil and we can’t keep blaming wholly the evil of some people on the ineffectiveness of the state. Personal responsibility needs to be taken by us the citizens.

Also the criminal justice system needs to be overhauled. I hear persons clamouring for harsher penalties for egregious crimes and I agree to an extent but that makes absolutely no difference if we can’t catch any criminals and/or create strong enough cases to take to court.  Also if we can’t clear up the back log of cases in the courts so that cases take 4 years to complete then we are going nowhere.

I still have faith in Jamaica, my Jamaica still one of the best and most beautiful places in the world but in all honesty, September 2012 represents the first time my patriotism and unwavering defense of Jamaica took a serious hit.

  1. djmillerja says:

    I agree with you. We are in a dark place and many people approve mob violence with a nod and a wink. Any of us could have been that teacher.

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