Posted: October 26, 2012 in Random me stuff
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First and foremost let me give thanks for personal safe passage through Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy. We were not unscathed here with a long time ceiling leak leading to a small section of the ceiling falling in. Also the majority of trees in my backyard are no more as some serious serious breeze accompanied the torrential rains from our dear friend Sandy.  Also, we must take time out to those who did not fare so well during and after the disaster. Where there was loss of life, severe loss of property, where there are those who are stranded and for those without regular amenities like electricity and water we spare a moment and a thought for you all and hope that which can be restored be restored and where life was lost we pray for those who are now bereaved.

All of the above being said the passage of Hurricane Sandy has evoked SEVERAL pet peeves of mine and i am going to TRY to maintain my composure enough to speak to some of these pet peeves/random rantings. so here they go in no particular order…

  1. WHEN WILL PEOPLE TAKE STORM WARNINGS SERIOUSLY – I don’t know if it was because Sandy moved from tropical wave to Hurricane relatively quickly but i get the feeling and it is not a new feeling that TOO MANY people refuse to take storm advisories seriously. “We are a last minute people” is such a rubbish explanation. When the people say evacuate just do dat nuh. When you here of a storm do your shopping before the the day the storm supposed to reach. are these things really that much to ask.
  2. “HURRICANE WARNINGS ARE A CONSPIRACY BY SUPERMARKETS.” REALLY??? – i hate this argument. Look, if we get a warning that a storm is coming and it doesn’t come. WHY ARE WE UPSET? yes i too like some excitement but if we are so blessed to avoid the worst doesn’t mean the warnings are not serious things.
  3. WATER vs LIGHT DEBATE. – whilst i must confess i did engage in this debate quite fervently before and during Sandy, is this debate really necessary. I personally would prefer being able to bathe vs writing this blog but to each his own. WE ALL CAN AGREE TO VOTE THAT WE PREFER HAVING BOTH AT OUR DISPOSAL.
  4. “SANDY” JOKES GET LAME QUICKLY – honestly probably it takes less than a day before teasing  persons who share a name with the storm. GET OVER IT.
  5. DEROGATORY STATEMENTS NOT COOL/GET TIRED QUICKLY TOO – calling a storm a ho, whore, dutty gyal or telling it some lovely words about its mother get yawn worthy instantly. Also I notice a lot of females using these derogatory remarks and I thought to myself these same girls would be roasting men who called them or any other woman these names but that’s an argument for another day.
  6. WITH RESPECT A HURRICANE SHELTER IS NOT HOTEL FOUR SEASONS –  I want to trod lightly with this one as persons who have to go to shelters are really in a bad state but i wish they would not expect too much. advisories went out as to what to expect at the shelters and what one should bring. why the need to beat dutchpot cover saying “nobody nah do nutten fi we” right after saying you turned down food. also lamenting that there are only desks at a shelter that is a school doesnt spell sense to me. The mere fact that a shelter is needed suggests a sub optimal situation. let us accept that reality
  7. “I AM SO DISAPPOINTED NOT EVEN BREEZE MI GET” – cant even write too long bout this one to how mi vex. As i said earlier I love the excitement of a hurricane provided there is not too much damage but I keep that to myself especially when people die or left homeless. Think about that before publicly declaring sadness that you never felt any effects.
  8. Last but not least… I hate JPS as much as anybody else but come on man. You know what is electricity? You want the people dem keep on light during a disaster and turn it right back one after? Really? Jus ignore the over 200 downed light poles and wires Mr JPS  I need to scroll up my Twitter timeline. SMH. No light is very annoying but lets exercise a little good sense. I pray we all get our light quickly but think about the whole situation before filling up the internet with more mother compliments for JPS. and while we on this light topic, When I celebrate that my light has returned why would you think I am showing off on you? Mi glad bag juss buss jeez. badmind is not a good look my friends dont wear it.

Again to one and all blessings and I hope we as a nation can return to normalcy soon.


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