I Was Blogging before Blogs (Jamaica,Jamaica)

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Random me stuff

A few nights ago I stumbled upon a book of poems I wrote when i was going through my pubescent “Romeo” phase. HILARIOUS doesn’t begin to explain he nature of the majority of these poems. One of these poems was not so Shakespearean but actually eerily reminded me of the blogs that i have written on politics and current affairs in  this blog (hence the above title). The poem I refer to was entitled JAMAICA, JAMAICA. The following was how it went:

As my idle mind wanders it encounters thoughts of Jamaica. What is Jamaica? What does it mean to be Jamaican?

Is being Jamaican having dreadlocks and smoking weed? Is it being a heartless criminal who prowls the streets with havoc foremost in mind?

Is being Jamaican being a don or one of his many mindless minions? Perhaps being Jamaican is driving the latest BMW or Benz and having high-class friends.

Is it sitting in an air-conditioned office or living the high life?

Is Jamaica a land proliferated with ghettos and zinc bound shanties or is it a land of mansions on the hills with breathtaking views? Perhaps Jamaica is just sunshine sand and sea.

This line of thought engenders  a dual relevance for “Out of Many One People” as it not only speaks to people of different races or from different places. it also speaks of a land which possesses many faces.

Again I start to question, when will our nation stop being characterised by polarization?

While I sit and ponder such things, something of a profound question is aroused in my mind – In which garden is the crop called “Jamaica” rooted is it CHERRY or TIVOLI?

Which is Jamaica? What is Jamaica?

PS – this “poem” commentary was written when I must have been 15 years old in about 3rd or fourth form. The cunning one been “reasoning” for a while LOL




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