2012: The Year That Was

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Politics/Current affairs, Random me stuff
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I can remember 2012 like it was just days ago… alright kill that corny stuff. As i sit here typing I still can’t fully decide what kind of year last year was. Since I’ve realised I have been abusing the word “paradox” I think I might have to get even more cliché and call 2012 a “mixed bag” or say it had its highs and lows. Long and short is that you get my drift.

Foremost in my mind, the year 2012 will always be inextricably linked with the moniker “Jamaica 50” under which my country Jamaica celebrated 50 years of political independence. With such a momentous occasion attached to it how could 2012 be such a mixed bag. Below are my lists of low and high points of the year.

Lowlights of 2012

  • Continued economic hardship in Jamaica – there is so much to say on this topic it could be a series of blogs for itself but alas who feels it knows so no explanation is needed.
  • Same old dirty/annoying politics of partisanship. – again examples abound. Just listen to the majority of political utterances made throughout the year and you get a picture as to why after 50 years we have not gone as far as we could have. The pinnacle of this being the degradation of our JA 50 celebrations into just another political volleyball, better yet tracing match.
  • Last but definitely not least was the ghastly September into October where almost every other news item made reference to some angry mob killing, maiming or engaging in all manner of evil. To make matters worse the public discourse was awash with persons fully endorsing these killer mobs. It still remains the only period in my life that my patriotism/love for YAAD was shaken.

Highlights of 2012

Despite the negatives described above both personally and nationally even internationally there were several things to smile about.

  • Jamaica 50 – for all the negatives surrounding the celebrations, words cannot begin to describe the feeling that took me and i dare say the nation over during the emancipendence period. A country of persons who barely tell each other morning in the streets were bound together in the black green and gold and we all were a part of something bigger than our individual existence. Kudos to the person who thought up the JA 50 village. IT WAS GREAT. If we as a people were able to re-create this vibe more often we would truly be better off. Someday!!!
  • London 2012 – this was a highlight on so many levels. Most obviously the exploits of the sprinters from the sprint capital of the world come to mind. From arguably the biggest superstar in the world Mr Bolt, to the pocket Rocket Ms Fraser Pryce, VCB, The Beastly Blake we really were made to feel proud especially coinciding with out JA 50 celebrations. Special note must be made of Hansle Parchment and Warren Weir as their bronze medals brought me the most joy of the Olympics.
  • London 2012 was also special to me as I had the great fortune of being in London during the Olympics. A similar camaraderie as felt during the JA 50 in Jamaica swept over the city of London, this one however transcended the colour of flags. Also i was able to visit Jamaica House in London as well as watch some of the events at outdoor public screenings in Hyde Park. I also was able to visit and watch a match at the Emirates Stadium home of my beloved ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB!!!! My London Summer was beyond Great and I will never ever forget it.
  • EMPLOYMENT – after a brief stint of unemployment I was blessed with a pretty decent job GIVE THANKS!!!!
  • WELCOME DECREASES – the year ended with two welcome decreases: Road fatalities and Major Crimes. The downward trajectory in both these areas is truly a blessing we hope continues in that vein.

Mixed bag indeed. But for 2012 I had taken a mantra of “Count Your Blessings” & “Give Thanks” and for me rather than making resolutions and changes my first order of business is to continue with these slogans as my guiding theme for the New Year. Despite all the negatives that abound there are a million and one things that we can truly smile and give God thanks for.




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