Stuck On Replay

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Politics/Current affairs

So as you would have realised by now whether by choice or out of necessity I try as best as possible to know what is going on in Jamaica the land that I love. To my dismay, that means going through the constant depression that comes on from reading the newspaper or watching the news. Each day without fail frustration is almost the national mood after getting our daily dose of (BAD) news.

With that in mind I have sat in front of my computer for days, seeking inspiration for something to write about, to find the words to express what my current feelings are about all that is going on in Jamaica now. This has led me to be tempted to commit the cardinal sin of intellectual property i.e. Plagiarism. But alas it can’t be plagiarism if I am stealing ideas from myself, hence the title of this post. I have been unable to process the major news of the day every day without revisiting the emotions and thoughts that inspired two previous blog posts. Quite interestingly these two blog posts were written one after the other in fairly close proximity.

The links above revisit these two blog posts that really sum up my continued feelings on our Jamaican reality. No matter how many weeks, months have passed the major news stories each day reek of the same fundamental issues.
The first issue tackled in the post entitled “Sad” is the baseness and total disregard for life and the fundamental acceptance of violence prevalent in our society. In 15 days of 2013 I believe the amount of persons violently murdered numbers almost 3 times the amount of days that have passed. Even more frightening is the fact that about a third of those violent deaths has been at the hands of agents of the state. A brand new year but the same old violent nature. WE NEED TO DO BETTER or are we resigned to being the murderous society that the world thinks we are. The memory of being asked by a bajan (no less) in London “If everywhere in Jamaica was like SHOTTAS” just flashed across my mind.

The other issue is more upsetting than sad. The title of the post “Lack of Moral Authority: The plague of Jamaican Politics” says it all. As we listen to the current government defend its handling of negotiations with the IMF and we listen to the parliamentary opposition chastise their every move the line from the aforementioned post that said “Jamaican politics is a well-rehearsed play where the roles of antagonist and protagonist simply shift with every change of government” remains ever more appropriate. Sometimes I wonder to myself if our leaders are so well trained in keeping up this charade or do they genuinely and openly just laugh in the face of our national intelligence. The more I think about it the more I think “DEM BWOY YAH TEK MAN FI FOOL”

I realize that most Jamaicans, myself very much included, are particularly apt at pointing out problems BUT WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TO FIX OUR PROBLEMS? I wish I had a silver bullet but I’m afraid I don’t. One thing is certain, depending on a set of people to fix our problems when the general consensus is that those people and their predecessors are the main cause of or problems is what one would call a classic case of INSANITY. Society is a collection of individuals and as such each individual must take responsibility for his/her individual mindset and actions and each person must value life, shun violence and act with all around personal integrity where the truth is the standard and corruption is frowned upon by all. It may sound overly simplistic in fact it is but really and truly If every individual was “living right” how could we have a flawed society.

Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” may need to be the theme song of the movement to make Jamaica a better place.

What say you?

  1. Kareem S says:

    Agree fully, The solutions start with simple ones. It however will be problematic to blend a virtuous society with the very corrupt world economic rules and systems that still enforce economic colonialism

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