Jamaica’s Survival Instinct: A force for good or evil?

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Politics/Current affairs
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Today as I sat at lunch, the food court in which I was sitting had the TV on local television. I heard the familiar voice of our Honourable Prime Minister Sister P. She was at the opening ceremony for a popular store chain in a cooler part of the country. After bigging up the store for all it does for Jamaica the prime minister went into a familiar monologue. One which she has immortalized but is something that has become the calling card of Jamaica and Jamaicans hence VW told the world to GET HAPPY.

To paraphrase the prime minister, “No matter what the circumstances no matter what the hardships Jamaicans are STRONG and we know how to handle pressure and we know how to SURVIVE.” Now every day we say this and we wear it as a badge of honour. Soon after we laud our survival instinct the next line is “Jamaicans are innovative and creative and we know how to beat the odds.” Again we wear these little phrases with pride and honour.
Today as I sat at lunch these catch phrases did not sit well with me anymore. Funny a song from one of my favourite artistes came to mind where in bigging up d yard man he says “we witty and we tricky like the three card man.” So this innovativeness we laud is probably really a pretty way of saying we are often tricksters who can beat the system.

That was the direction my mind started going. Since we are survivors and we always find a way to survive do we really try to fix things? Do our leaders actually look for real long lasting solutions, or do they know that no matter what they do, WE WILL SURVIVE. Maybe being survivors is not such a good thing we endure so much that maybe we shouldn’t and we tolerate so much that we shouldn’t. Maybe that is why we often get leadership that we are not satisfied with.

Additionally we lament the lottery scam, some of us chastise the “tattooed wonder” for calling the scam reparation but at varying degrees and in so many manifestations we are our own little three card man. We just want a bly we just want to beat the system. Is this who we are? Are we happy with this?

Well times rough so I guess we have to continue SURVIVING.


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