They Never Gonna Love You JA Like I Love You J-A-A-A

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Politics/Current affairs
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“They never gonna love you [x2]
They never coulda love you
Protoje ay ay ay [x2]

They never gonna love you JA like I love you JA ay ay
They never gonna need you like I need you that’s why I’ll be stay ay ay aying
And no me naa go lef’you for another land, that’s not my plan
Not my plan”

Happy Independence day to my Fellow Jamaicans!!!!

This song by Protoje, especially the chorus, encapsulates how I feel about Jamaica and Independence Day every year. Jamaica My Paradoxical Paradise. Jamaica where good and evil walk side by side sometimes hand in hand in a tense coexistence. Where unimaginable beauty and scenery is home to some of the most wasteful and hateful people around. Where some of the most caring people live beside heartless ones.

Jamaica land we Love is INDEPENDENT despite the many persons who wish to give you a litany of reasons that we are not. (Will tackle that debate another time). But this Independence has not been maximized. We are by no means where we could have been or want to be. But we are wrong if that is the only aspect we spend this day and our lives focusing on. Many positives exist here. we are the home of a world religion, we have produced more than four musical genres, we have produced so many world beaters in so many fields.

Jamaica my paradoxical paradise – where failure and success are next door neighbours. I love you but we have work to do. Rather than spend the day beating the regular dead horses let everyone decide what they are going to do to make Jamaica what we wish it to be. What are we doing to make Jamaica the place we want to live, work, raise families and do business.


  1. Can’t wait to hear more from the one name Protoje in his upcoming album ‘Ancient Future’. That track with Chronixx ‘Who Knows’ is so melodic. Big up #reggaerevival

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