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An office argument today about voting/enumeration reminded me that I was very very upset with the Jamaica Gleaner for two reasons, 1) I wrote them a letter to the editor and didn’t even receive an email to suggest it was recived and 2) they published the letter to the editor that inspired me to email them. Maybe for the second reason the target of the anger is not the newspaper but in fact that conventional wisdom that the letter tries to convey.

Well since the gleaner did not publish my letter and I have my own space where I can spew my opinions, please see below for what was supposed to be my print media debut.

The Editor, Sir:

I like many Jamaicans have never voted and most likely will not vote in the foreseeable future. Does this make me an ungrateful and unpatriotic jamaican as the writer of the letter entitled “Non-voters betray heroes’ sacrifice” on February 25, 2015 suggests? Rubbish. This is the biggest lie perperuated in Jamaican society often by persons who should know better. These people confuse the concepts of “voting” and “political participation.” There are many ways to participate in the political process, entering the polling station is just one such. Advocacy, keeping abreast of political affairs, writing letters to the editor and one’s MP are all valid areas of political participation. Does the person who votes (often blindly) do more honour to “our heroes” than one who engages intellectually with the process but doesnt vote?

Even more poignantly, if we are going to play the emotion card of “our heroes’ sacrifce” are you to tell me that in a situation where one having conscientiously seen no good candiate I should vote just because? This is honour of the sacrifice? To me that is quite the opposite. If someone died for my right to make a good decision I will not simply make a bad one “just because”. An enumerated person who does not vote is often making a far more well thought out decision than those who do vote and one that IS counted in the official statistics. So until they put a none of the above option on the ballot I will trod along my merry unpatriotic way, paying taxes, which is what runs the country and thus gives me a voice that must be listened to versus a once every 5 year trip to a primary school to get purple ink on my finger.

The Cunning One