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The day is April 26, 2017. Nothing exceptional was expected. Just had an annoying football training session the night before where I seriously considered quitting the workplace team. Got home went to sleep as said before nothing out of the ordinary.

Then in the midst of my sleep I feel like I hear somebody whispering my name. This gets gradually louder till it’s a shout…SHANE. Jump up to see the Mrs. in the bathroom contemplating that she had a toddler moment if you catch my drift. Seeing as though we had an OBGYN appointment later that day my thought was just log it and discuss with the doctor. But that’s when the “fun” started. This fun was happening every few minutes then closer to each other till we started timing and realise it was happening every seven minutes. Still thinking it’s nothing again “log it, discuss it with the doctor.”

But then seven minutes becomes six then six becomes five and then dinner gets tossed in the toilet. Hmmm? This not happening on April 26, a full month before expected? Nah. But let’s be safe and call the doctor. From what I can hear on my end of the phone the doctor also was doubtful until mention of the dinner’s ejection. “Grab the bag and get to the hospital now.”

Such a good thing the bag that we delayed packing was packed two days before. Off to the hospital we go, still in disbelief, still half expecting the nurses to declare a false alarm. Lo and behold 2 centimetres…let the games begin. Not wishing to publish all the gory details and how the Mrs. “head get hot” I will fast forward and say that from that first whisper of my name at around 4:00am and getting to the hospital at 6:00am, 2 centimetres became 10 centimetres probably well before the nurses and doctor realised and just at the moment where the pain was unbearable and an epidural was on the mind…SHOWTIME.

Yes, I was in the delivery room, no I did not flinch, except for when the deeply religious looking nurse’s phone rang to the sound of Pitbull and Stephen Marley. In fact, the Doctor even asked me to assist with some things so I was an active participant. When the doctor emerged with a tiny little human I spun and looked at the clock. 12:25pm on the 26th day of April 2017…


Now, if I am to be honest, anti-climax may be way too strong of a word but this magical “I am a whole new person” feeling that Hollywood sells didn’t and still yet in some ways hasn’t arrived. But one thing I know, as Fathers’ Day approaches, I am thankful to my wife aka “The Real MVP” as well as the Doctor and nurses that all played a role in this upcoming Sunday having a new focus for me. But this new focus can never erase the old one. I have an excellent father, one that I repeatedly say if I can be half the father he is then my little lady will be good.

So, in the absence of a baby inspired Damascus road moment, I instead have every cry, every new sound/shriek, each puke and not to mention each diaper change and every now and again a silent moment where our eyes make four. In these moments, it becomes clearer and clearer, I love this little girl and stand in awe of for want of a better word how her “cuteness” in overdrive.

Glory to God for the trinity of blessings, great parents and family, an MVP of a wife and this little diaper user.